Random thoughts 11

Sullen teethe filled hamster wheel prison cells erected in monument to mundane hells arrest the Velcro magi

Prison guard stares mutilate the window sills
Kind thoughts are not their will
Searching a way into my heart gambler walls to eat the tender morale of my being

The great and powerful oz is dead
Lurching in his easy chair
A clock a scroll a bowling pin falls hard against the brittle bones of an old man behind a shabby motel curtain wall

Wheels within wheels inside a velvet beer barrel over the images of niagara falls
I am tossed in with Exxon oil spills
A grand scheme perpetuated on behalf of luxury

You may feel a little decapitation but it’s all for the good of the land
Stand and be beaten down in gloved lovin care
This isn’t Sparta it’s the vomit of the dollar bill

Thins the skin of the shins that bang against the Rim of the underbelly of American flim flam
Left to nothing good I roleplay a villain until I become one
One day I will burn the world and ask no random ransome demand


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