Random thoughts 19

Nuclei arrived via ups warped the cats paws into wolverine razor blades
They were the best at what they did

Warmly sang carousing songs blared from radio shack transistors
The air was alive but we murdered it when we gasped at the first murder


Random thoughts 18

I Sped the softcover glory visions in my large hadrion collider neural pathways
Epidemic Ak 47 mighty night time hit squads swayed the balance of evil in the world and humpty sumptuous was broken permanently

Enhancing the horror I made way for a new supermarket aisle
Boxes of prepackaged pocket singularities swirled amid the uncle ben prophets
We broke something at Hiroshima and it can never go back in pandora prisons

Hurky jerky I stumbled at checkout
Debited beyond neon wickedness the jesters and the politicians all looked watered down like rum and coke when the bartender knows you’re wasted
Pleasure is pale and joy is unattainable
in the space between the big bang and the subtle sigh of oblivion

Random thoughts 17

The idiot broke sockets iconic
Alcohol burned Brunettes busied
Heme elves with fights
Corkscrew preachers skeet skeeted on turkey sandwich nuns
Forgot to lock the medicine cabinet again

Kringle delivered baby Mosquitos instead of peanut presents
Hurricane Henson puppets paraded in military fashion
Code breakers were unable to break the silence gravel in my coal vocal chord choir
Someone traded out the lexapro for hallucinating vitamin supplements

Knife the mental and the decor changes to lunacy

Random thoughts 16

Medusian gazes pass overhead land on other Facebook pages freeze life in environmentally safe concrete alternative
Carbonite nightmares ensue in which I am wanted by a gangster with a penchant for gushing jackie o brain pan tupperware

Cuneiform graffitied toilet stalls echo the cultural desire for atomic war over having to give up driving hemis
Wizards thirty deep cast illusion over the city where dodo children disorient themselves with social network suicide

Spells affect only the identities of the identified burn through cardboard armor held together with masking tape and hewn abc bubblegum intentions

We need heroes forged from stronger stuff

Random thoughts 15

Husky voiced Lauren Bacall of the god flesh justify the rogue stars that desired to be held in suspension over Christ

Mining the dance cords of the puppets strewn along the highway I find gong blast bark skin from a hidden dog

Plastic sheet crime scene chalk abstract art blocks up the chaos of this flag waving surrender under cannon fire

Hundreds of humvees explode on commands formless nothing shapes now are burning where youth hid from sniper firing wanna be shivas

There is too much madness for peaceful sleep in gods outstretched arms.

Random thoughts 14

Heartfelt zombie eating the whole world and no one cares
Syrians are dying as we mcmuffin

When bugs bunny dressed in drag was he subjugating the feminine?

Just enough Walmart to keep us from going into the river headfirst we oscillate between breathing and beating and believe in nothing
Syrians and Africans and orphans are dying as we comfort out flesh with light beer and pizza delivered in compact cars

You can believe in anything as long as it is on a list if approved beliefs
Signal if you see anything suspicious

Great wars great wars we have had great wars for political whores boring into the sticky muscle of the world
Our dead are martyrs for nothing
Syrians and Africans and orphans and I are all dying as the afternoon light leaves the room and evening comes on with teeth made for human flesh.

Random thoughts 13

Tomes of poems landscaped by book worm wanderings line my history
A word misplaced under the faceplate of a motorcycle stuntman helmet tends to make a thump against the ground
Like kenievel it gets back up broken and jumps another impossibility

Trenches spilling wounded litter the background ambulances too far away
Return your library books or suffer a fee

Ostracized from churches built in mud I make my own gods
They share my story
They suicide on long nights smoke
And ink stained coffee cups
My gods are built from bottle caps
From light burned out
From nightingale glare
From wounds
From burners crusted with oxide
From the pieces of a model airplane I broke while trying to put it together

Windows offer no solace for the fiddler spider eating away at my ego
Horrendous amounts of prose lost I find food in the body of the whales that beached themselves against the dawn beachheads