i had a dog named jack.
he was a great dog, my favorite so far.
an irreplaceable little mutt
who would wait for me at the end
of the driveway for my return from school.
he didn’t know he would be shot
one day by the neighbor.
he never questioned fate
never thought of that day
never contemplated mortality
never sat up late smoking,
wondering why he kept going.
he was a dog, the best dog.
happy to be a dog.
how goddam lucky he was.

Random poem

Hydraulic sign siding for the enemy
Call down the wrath of Odin on us now.
Footage spring.
Spake of nothing swell.
Dad is loose in the mind.

I’m in the pit of the hell I created and there are no judgement day preachers big enough to pull this rusty truck of me out.

Loans recalled in loves and life I lingered too long over.
Interest in speaking howls instead of jargon make the Swiss army heart wary for new planets and constellation erections.

This bro is the end.