Poem 58

Kennedy Barnum circus markets
Instilled in us the value of deformity.
Insuring the home against fire
Does not make it fireproof.

Landing identity side down we
Jockeyed through dawn on stems
Broken from dorm dust daydreams.
I heard the learned astronomer gasp.

Legibly printed bandit hybrid letters
To the chief editor have yielded
No responses worth mentioning
here in the poem’s third stanza.

We atheist when the failure of faith
Echoes off coffer box taste buds.
I atheist lists of things that have daily failed to grab my emotions,
Fraudulent dramas, network circus cocktease injuries, celebrity pledges and hedges trimmed too close and now my neighbors sin is mine.

Kennedy Baghdad infield bunts
have blunted the wits to avoid stupid.
I agenda even the smallest daily ritual,
habitually seeking audience with empty chairs
in restaurants no one eats at anymore.


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