Poem 64

I don’t need another metaphor
I need a matador to fight my bullshit war.
Life is small moments.

To own is to take stake in the world,
To sit down is to adjust to insanity,
To adjust is to accept and this is the way
Everyone good life goes bad.

Sometimes life just goes bad, for a longtime.

I don’t end when I. Ego
Own I not, rent a room in the world I do.
This is metaphor, which I do not need,
According to the first stanza.

Before I got yodaesque, I was heading toward
A story or allegory about the minutes being the life,
The long days between nothing and something,
About how life is a slow churning and how you should
Evade the fencers and rush to the hades roll call.

I don’t give advice though, I write these goddam poems.


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