The light awakened something in there…

Every couple of weeks we throw this big pile of cardboard into the recycle bin behind “Hasting’s” electronic store.  We do this because there is no cardboard bin where the beer bottles and cat tins go. Sometimes, as a bonus, there is a dumpster full of books or magazines also. I do this every few weeks knowing, maybe naively?, that the cardboard will be reused. I fold my Boo Berry boxes and my Annie’s Mac and Cheese cartons together in to an envelope small enough to go into the bin’s tiny slot, and away I go, feeling like I did some good deed, adding virtual karma points to my carbon footprint  blah blah blah.

Something in the textures, the colors, the text which is poetry and is not poetry precisely has been drawing my attention. This is the first painting I’ve made with the scraps. It is comprised of (1) Boo Berry box, (2) Annie’s Mac and Cheese boxes, (1) small Boddington’s beer container and (1/2 ) Shiner Bock box. To this I added some found poetry from my sacrificial copy of 100 Immortal Poems of the English Language. By scraping, painting, drawing, and more scraping and sanding I established a surface of text created by subtraction and collage. The underlying matrix adds color and information based on the decision to construct with this rather than that box. I like the inherent duality of control/chance that is created, and I like the format and the dimensions for this first piece. I think the next one will be considerably bigger.

I feel better about the cardboard becoming something I choose, and it’s the best price; free.


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