Part of my documentary style art making involves the use of my ever present, often annoying and invasive, iPhone. As part of the iPhone’s camera there is a panorama setting, that when exploited creates some very interesting shots at 75 miles an hour. The sense of movement that I tried to capture in my drawings was often concentrated in those areas I could reach by way of having the matrix in my passenger seat. Video at 75 MPH just looks like video. It’s when the panorama shots are made that a true sense of movement started to be captured. The broken glimpses are the result of the feedback from the physicality of the car in contact with the highway, and that feedback translated through the tires, shocks etc and into my hands and into the device. Sometimes these shots take up to 5 miles to expose, particularly when the landscape is barren like it can be in West Texas.

Here are some that have merit. After some editing and fidgeting the images might be better discerned.

Image 0324, 40th Street, Lubbock, Texas

Image 0302, Levelland Highway

Image 1445, Highway 87 south


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