music ending on an AM station

music ending on an AM station,
a bookcase, a jagged nail,
two thirds of the beatles dead,
the only way home barred by
circumstance, lost chance.

i woke in a room where there were no windows.
i broke the silence with a sneeze.
the best way to catch cold is to wait,
the weight will creep in, too late i
tried to lift it, herniated my ego.
let go, let go and be denied by judas,
after all a kiss is but a kiss.

music ending on an AM station just as we walk in
on a beating long time coming.
there are bags for your bits in the end.
maybe it was static in the key of me,
maybe the music waited, coldened the sea
of air between me and somewhere else to be.

music ending,
a book case, a hang nail,
one third of nirvana dead,
on an AM station too far away to receive.


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