[Boxxed] series

This series of drawings is executed while my hand, the materials, and the paper are inside a cardboard box. I draw or paint for an indeterminate amount of time, relative to my interest alone in the current execution, while reading a book, or listening to music, or watching a film. It is not to be confused with the practice of automatic writing which purports to tap into spirit or conscience. The act is a series of choices, made away from my eyes, composed with will and motor function. Drawing is always choice.

There are current theories about free will, backed by some amount of neuroscience discoveries, that show that the brain makes choices before the body acts. I find this phenomenon fascinating, and useful for making interesting new drawings.


6 thoughts on “[Boxxed] series

  1. Nice! I’ll try it. I like the smeared ones. I love to draw in the dark at jazz gigs, dance performances… so this will be fun. The results are facinating. Can’t look at each one separately.

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