What about me.

My name is Michael Edward Glenn, I’m getting older, like most of you. I see poetry in the world, not as lines necessarily, but as moments, fringe objects, unfinished people, passing glimpses, catch phrases, and mantras to gods and ungods and non-gods.
I’m a printmakerpainterdrawerpoet who is working as a curatorial intern at the Museum of Texas Tech University, in the Art Division. I have been many things to many people, and will strive to be fewer but more important things to better people. I have some college degrees, an MFA, a BFA, a BA in English.

I make films, I draw things, I extrapolate pieces of my daily existence into this blog. You can read this blog. You can think about the things I write in it and make decisions. You can decide to leave the blog and never return.You can decide to eat extra helpings and take a nap instead of looking about online.
Make a choice but live with it.

Poetryartprintmakingdrawingpaintingfilms are about making decisions, these are a few that I have made.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Well, isn’t this interesting… found an old poem I’d written and it reminded me of you, and here you are. I hope all is well.

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