Random thoughts 30

We postulate heaven prostrate on glass chunk carpet
There are caverns in us unexplored by humanity
filled to brim with crystallized eye candy mantra hiccup space trash
Geraldo never found al capones treasure either

We rest after fucking on park ruined benches splintering our hands and asses and can’t lift them to save the world

I won’t be here when you wake up
I’ll be gone for the coast in a toaster oven muscle car tour bus
Spreading the word about baby face Nelson and his machine gun falsetto


Random thoughts 29

What we believe in is stale
We need new things
New avenues
New architecture for faith
New gods and new enemies
And new horrors and new adjectives
We need video game reset

We have believed too long in dire need
And have lost outward momentum
We need propulsion
Escape capsule
Generation starships to carry us dead and dying and living and stagnant into the new reality
We have outstayed the day
Overbooked reservations in seedy motels
There are new dogmas untouched in the supermarket aisles

We are broken things
And no mechanic to twist
The wrench in our behalf

Random thoughts 28

I believe more in nothing because nothing is inside me
We have discovered the Fiji islands
The shape of space
The stars true nature
The evolution of praying mantises
And we have given into entertainment
And banality and we excessively exorcise our creation upon making apps and games and films that do nothing and children and art and music and life that that is hollow
And we have grown dull and lazy in the shadow of a genius we only know through the visible spectrums of the reality we made of brokenness
Hell no longer holds us from atrocity because we have created a facsimile of the devil’s home stadium right here on earth and we play very, very well at being villains.

Random thoughts 20 something

Hung up to guru idols I await the maw
We refuse your table scraps
You’re heartfelt sobs
Your egomanic daydream must see tv desires
give us a handful of electric impulses
Give us a live tiger we can unleash on the healthy and successful
In this vein we execute the supreme directive
Ever onward fuck the past and the dead and the death we owe
Give us oblivionic discourse
Give us now or we take it from your mouths