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Part of my documentary style art making involves the use of my ever present, often annoying and invasive, iPhone. As part of the iPhone’s camera there is a panorama setting, that when exploited creates some very interesting shots at 75 miles an hour. The sense of movement that I tried to capture in my drawings […]


Two new digital Chilton Collages

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Added two new Chilton Collages. These are being made by scanning through the Reader’s Digest Complete Car Care Manual (1981), using 1 inch and 1 1/2 x 1 inch windows cut into mat board to find the compositions. Then windows are photographed, and worked in Photoshop to varying degrees. I’m using some of these for […]

Poem #67

I swindle breath in yakuza gangster coolness, harshing brutish heirs.
Then I oaken hand the cinch straps in my starfleet Volkswagen.
Captain, oh captain, oh oh oh oh oh captain.

By nth degrees we are lobbied to brick walls like Spanish fascist smashed poets.
I. &. U.
Dow jonesed, hermetically sealed fates, we are calf imitated in capitalist chap stick horror show rape scenes.
Representatives reprehensible, oil derivative machismo suffers the young to sweat shop wages,
burgle the nearest Kmart you crazy anarchist status symbol superheroes.
You can learn hip by faking it for a long time.

Oh. Captain. Ehn.

Meanwhile my smoke habit has evaporated and all the coolness has warmed.


Pursuing the found

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A new page was added, for Digital Printmaking. I have also added several images from the series I have been working on for a while, Chilton Collages. Digital printmaking to me was always kind of…scummy. It felt like cheating, or shortcutting. I make an image, I print it out on archival paper with an inkjet […]


The light awakened something in there…

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Every couple of weeks we throw this big pile of cardboard into the recycle bin behind “Hasting’s” electronic store.¬† We do this because there is no cardboard bin where the beer bottles and cat tins go. Sometimes, as a bonus, there is a dumpster full of books or magazines also. I do this every few […]