Random thoughts 25

We’re good characters in an ad movie
Lozenges spit out when the cold is gone
Circle breaking square makers
Ready for reset
Doomed to be on demo mode
Recycling the same features over and over and over and over and over etc


Random thoughts 24

We’re fiendish raven eyed tormentors on ourselves
Wolves broken in lockdown eating dyonicean leftovers
Couples arguing in a wet park after hours
A dog walker our only witness

Random thoughts 23

Hurricane blown I idle on idiot
I odor the reek of illness leavin the body in a hot room
Percussive rumbling of deathstar toilet flushing destroys the interior of my rag rig ego

Get cocked and blow off some caps
It’s a crap shoot that decided our destiny
God doesn’t play dice he plays d n d behind a dungeon master screen
Saving throw against ravaged cancer bed ridden husk
Skill check for continuance

Hurricane blown me out in candle fashion
I own the delirium now as surely as a used car owns your checkbook
Grateful to be a forgotten npc

Ransom thoughts 22

Bourgeoisie nightmare scenario number 3:

I break into your country club and establish a pirating website where your turtle pond used to be
I post porno pics of santorum and dick Cheney getting it on with the McDonald’s fry cook who wanted to be a doctor
I replace your balls with grenades and wait quietly for something spectacular
On the 15th hole
After an evening of ice pick murder I steal a jaguar and wreck it into an ihop full of virgin matadors.
Somewhere in there I take a shit on your favorite painting by someone dead.

Random thoughts 21

Firing squad valor replaces the Velcro bravery of heroes
Avoiding greatness the minstrels sing of great purchases rather than great deeds
I don’t want to breathe the sticky air of faux brilliance anymore

Coyote Cartographers plot the lay of the Future we are supposed to live
Hiding the bypasses and the sickly American city in marginalia
I don’t want to sit on a train going over a cliff

Burglars of the zero headed break in steal our will and our voices leave coins in tooth fairy satchels
Cockroach mental we squirrel away our violence for another day
I shoot burglars and drag them inside the house

Random thoughts 20

Unquestionably you are atomic
Mostly empty space between colliding molecular jigsaw train cars
A broken brick is made of the same stuff

Coding enabled you to breathe rather than die in the womb
One jostle too many and you could have been blinded or armless or halved or a twin or the bane of parents too selfish to nurse a deformity

Uniqueness is a program for delusion
Forgotten you assume singularity